Gary Charlon
Street Address:

995 N Norma St Suite A

Ridgecrest, CA 93555-3125

Mailing Address:

PO Box 366

Ridgecrest, CA 93556-0366


Across the street from In-Shape gym; just north of the Drummond Ave & Norma St intersection

Phone: (760) 446-4279

Fax: (760) 446-4567

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs 9:00am to 5:30pm

Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Nights & Weekends by Appt

License: 0496421

Street Address:

6047 Lake Isabella Blvd

Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Phone: (760) 379-2500

Fax: (760) 379-2900

Office Hours:

Mon- Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm

Nights & Weekends by Appt

License: 0496421

My background and achievements

  • Northern Arizona University
  • Life long resident of Ridgecrest
  • Past Pres & Active Member of Burrough's Boosters
  • Past Pres & Active Member of Habitat for Humanity
  • Past Vice Pres & Active Member Senior Services of IWV
  • MDRT - Million Dollar Round Table Member
  • National Association of Insurance & Financial Services
  • Long Term Care Professional Designation

Meet the team

  • Eddie Chandler
    Eddie Chandler
    Eddie Chandler
    I grew up in Ridgecrest and after graduating from Burroughs I moved to San Diego. Well I am back. I'm happy to be home and grateful to be on Gary's team, where we genuinely care for each and every customer. I look forward to making a positive impact in our community and helping our customers with their insurance and financial services needs.
    - Office Representative - Lic# 0J06028
  • Jennifer Rickets
    Jennifer Rickets
    As the newest member of the team, I am excited to bring my enthusiam, marketing knowlege, and new perspectives. I am very excited about some of the new changes in our office and anxious to share them with you. If you aren't currently a customer of Gary Charlon State Farm, please let me know how I can change that!
    - Office Representative
  • Lee Ann Smith
    Lee Ann Smith
    Lee Ann Smith
    I have been working in the insurance business for over 20 years, over half of those working for Gary. I still feel the same today as I did back then, that our customer service and the concern we have for our policyholders is unsurpassed by any insurance office in Ridgecrest. I take pride knowing that I am working with an office of team members who put customer's needs first and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone who steps through our door.
    - Office Representative - Lic# 0B45185
  • Laura Alford
    Laura Alford
    Laura Alford
    I have been living & working in the beautiful Kern River Valley since 2006. I am proud to be a member of the Gary Charlon State Farm team in the Lake Isabella office. I am currently involved with KRV Chamber & the Kernville Chamber of Commerce & recently became a member of the KV Exchange Club. I enjoy working for the customers of State Farm in our community and surrounding areas
    - Office Representative - Lic# 0F66966
  • Ryan Charlon
    Ryan Charlon
    Ryan Charlon
    After college, my dad suggested I move back to Ridgecrest & pursue a career with the family business. I figured the experience & education would be priceless, regardless if I stayed in the insurance & financial services industry. The wealth of knowledge I've gained these past few years has helped me become the person I am today and has allowed me to grow personally, professionally & spiritually. I honestly believe what we do gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others
    - Financial Services Representative - Lic# 0F33194
  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill
    Calling this area home all of my life, there's no other place I'd raise my kids. I'm thrilled to work for a business priding itself on community involvement & striving to improve this area we're blessed to call ours. I bring over 10 years of experience in the insurance & financial service industry to the Gary Charlon State Farm team. This local office is known for value, compassion, & customer service. I'm confident that I will be able to assist you with your insurance & financial service needs.
    - Office Manager - Lic# 0E45440
  • Tammy Bouyer
    Tammy Bouyer
    Tammy Bouyer
    With a degree in Social Work I was determined to return to Ridgecrest & save the world! My young goal proved to be disheartening, social work was not for me. However, my mission hasn't changed. My Dad has afforded me opportunities to teach people how to make their money work the most efficient way possible. He has encouraged me to stretch myself outside my comfort zone. My Dad has taught me to put people & servitude above all else. God has blessed this business & our family because of that!
    - Financial Services Representative - Lic# 0D18665
  • Becky Lilly
    Becky Lilly
    Becky Lilly
    I have been with Gary Charlon State Farm Insurance and Financial Services since 2003, where I focus on assisting our customers protect what matters most and realize their future dreams. I pride myself in being able to assist with your insurance and financial service needs.
    - Office Representative - Lic# 0G74714
  • Clory Carpenter
    Clory Carpenter
    Clory Carpenter
    I have worked in the insurance and financial services industry since 1977. My longevity and experience combined with the knowledge and talent of my coworkers, has created an unsurpassed comprehensive team. We have established great rapport with our customers and we appreciate their loyalty for our services. I am proud to be a part of the Gary Charlon State Farm Office that serves the community with utmost professionalism for all of our customers.
    - Office Representative - Lic# 0558497
We will be there to help you with an insurance claim & make sure your family is safe. We will meet with you on nights & weekends to ensure your assets are adequately protected. We will help you develop an efficient plan that satisfies the dreams & desires of your retirement goals. We will do what we can to give back to our community & the organizations that support it. We do this because we are your Local State Farm and we value your business.